Will you be celebrating a very important occasion together with your relatives or friends? That very special day should be turned into a success. Why choose to bring your guests in a restaurant if the chef can come to you?!For a very special occasion such as birthday or anniversary, hiring a private chef is one of the best choices you have. Get started today in planning that special moment of your life by choosing to work with us. Book now your event chef or you may choose to discuss the requirements with us by just clicking “Hire a Chef” and choose the best service near you!

HireChef.net  is your ultimate one stop source for cheap meal & dining experiences right in the comfort of your home.

We are a personal chef association, UK oldest and biggest professional organisation that represents private and personal chefs. The members of this organisation are vetted before acceptance and recognition as members and everyone will come to your house secured by having a liability insurance policy that has been issued by the organisation, giving you assurance that you will be dealing with a trained professional.
We are located across UK and in the city of London. Our members are skilled and expert in different specialities and culinary skills.


 Your chef could give you with the following:

  • Weekly meals that fit your dietary and nutritional needs

  • Fine in home dining for special events for couples and groups

  • Dining options for seniors and those with special diets

  • Food and beverage pairing events

  • Cooking Lessons

  • Vacation home cooking

  • Whatever your dining mind can imagine

We provide the biggest and the only open searchable place for connecting homeowners who are searching for healthy but affordable eating alternatives with high ranking personal chefs within their location. Convenience and usability make us informational and practical as it leads you over the process of searching and hiring good personal chef service.

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